Solar Thermal and Hydronic Heating – Let the sun heat your water (and your house or commercial building) for free

This class provides an in-depth look at Solar Thermal or “Hydronics” systems that use the free power of the sun to provide heat for your domestic or commercial hot water and space heating needs, which may be as much as 70% of your building’s energy costs. Using fairly low-tech hydronic solar panels and heat exchangers with these plumbing systems, you can lower your monthly and annual energy bills to amazing low levels. These systems even work in cold winter conditions as long as the sun is shining!

We review basic components and principles of Solar Thermal systems, as well as tips, issues and costs. We also provide an overview of costs, financial incentives and tax benefits of these systems.

Note: Another class offers a general introduction to Solar Thermal Systems and other Renewable Energy systems. See our “Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems” class.