Solar Electric and Photo-Voltaics (PV) – Let the sun create your electricity where you need it

This class offers an in-depth review of the fast-growing Solar Electric or Photo-Voltaic (PV) field and how you can let the sun generate electricity cleanly and affordably at your home or commercial building. We will discuss system designs and how to incorporate them into existing buildings (retro-fits) as well as planning for new construction. We will review costs and capacity for both “grid-tied” and “off the grid” systems. The class also discusses problems and inefficiencies with our existing electrical grid and the importance of reducing coal-generated electricity.

With prices for PV systems dropping every month as incentives continue to grow, the on-site or “distributive” generation of electricity through PV systems is cost-effective and smart for today’s home-owners. We provide an overview of costs, financial incentives and tax benefits of these systems.

Note: Another class offers a general introduction to Solar Electric and other Renewable Energy systems. See our “Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems” class.