Introduction to Passive Solar – Learn how to heat (and cool) your home or commercial building for free

Learn how to use the free and plentiful power of the sun to heat your house or commercial building! No gizmos and gadgets, just the constant warming effect of sunshine, year in and year out. Passive Solar is a great solution to high heating/cooling bills as energy prices continue to climb.

“Passive Solar” is an under-utilized design strategy that can significantly reduce energy consumption by heating and cooling your home or work environment for free. This class reviews the basic principles of solar gain and how to design for optimal heating and cooling to achieve year-round comfort, including the important components of: compass orientation; shading (overhangs); windows (glazing); thermal mass; and natural ventilation. We look at recommended ratios of interior mass and glazing for the size of your home or commercial building, and how to avoid common mistakes that could make your building too hot and bright.

Passive Solar has been around for millennia, and it is the wave of the future: simple, inexpensive, and effective.

Instructor: Robin Dorrell