Responding to Disasters In Our Communities

In these times of climate change resulting in record numbers of tornados, hurricanes and more, design and building professionals in all regions can be organized to help communities rebuild sustainably and smartly.  At the time of the Los Alamos, NM fire that began in May of 2000, called the Cerro Grande fire, ADC Network was honored to offer our classes to dozens of  traumatized families during the eight day evacuation period (while many of them were staying in Santa Fe) and again a month later in Los Alamos.  It was important to help the survivors understand the costs and possible methods of rebuilding to support them in reaching fair settlements with insurance companies and rebuild in a more fire-resistant way. Many students reported back to us that focusing on rebuilding helped them with the trauma of losing their homes and belongings.
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Reviving Los Alamos
The Santa Fe New Mexican
– Sunday, May 21, 2000

Some will stay. Some will leave. The only certainty in the aftermath of the Cerro Grande fire is that recovering from the disaster will be an expensive, emotionally draining process.

Seminars offer tips on rebuilding.

Much of Los Alamos was built in the 1940s and 1950s by people who weren’t as used to New Mexico’s adobe-and-stucco style. Many of the homes that burned were more typical of the East Coast: wooden structures and A-frame cabins.

So as Los Alamos rebuilds itself, some Northern New Mexico organizations are offering help in thinking about style and layout.

Architects Designers & Contractors Network – ADC for short – hopes to hold a symposium in Los Alamos with a panel of Los Alamos officials, architects and builders.

The organization, which helps match families with contractors and architects, also has some suggestions for Los Alamos about volume purchasing, web sites to help coordinate building and other construction ideas.

ADC also is offering free classes this week and again in June for Los Alamos residents about Southwestern design, Alternative Building Methods and other construction topics.

The classes usually are offered through Santa Fe Community College for a fee. This week, they will be free.

  • Great Southwestern Design in Energy Efficient Homes will be held 7pm to 9pm Tuesday
  • Alternative Building Methods will be held 7pm to 9pm Thursday
  • Strawbale Building is 10am to noon Saturday
  • A Guide to Successful Building will be held 2pm to 5pm Saturday

For more information and to register, call Santa Fe Community College or ADC at 505-474-8388.

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