Welcome to the Green Building Learning Center. Learn how to build green with our online classes on smart design and building practices, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water harvesting and management, fire-resistant building techniques as well as other sustainability and self-sufficiency issues. 

We offer personal online classes on a variety of green building topics that prepare people to design and build economically, sustainably and beautifully.  For 18 years ADC Network (Architects Designers Contractors Network) has taught these popular classes in green building practices at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Since 1997 our commitment to helping people build smart has served New Mexicans well.  People have raved about the classes for years, thankful for these affordable “Master Classes” that helped them build or remodel their homes or commercial buildings with the best and often most affordable building techniques.  We help people save money during the design and building process and in the ongoing costs of operating their building. Our classes are available to the world through online video conferencing, easily accessed from your home or office.

The instructors at GreenBuildingLearningCenter.com are professionals with expertise in the specific fields they teach, such as contractors, architects, energy and water experts, as well as professional educators who have designed these classes to be comprehensive and meaningful.  Based on your specific needs we can add a variety of experts to any given class to make sure your interests are addressed. Large scale commercial buildings require different expertise than homes or small commercial buildings.

Classes are presented for home owners and commercial building owners / managers  who plan to remodel or build additions, those who are planning to build a new home or commercial project, and for professionals in the field, such as builders, designers, architects, real estate agents, lenders and appraisers.  The classes present an overview of numerous key topics in the green and sustainable field, promoting energy efficiency, water harvesting and management and helping people make better choices, design smarter, build soundly and affordably, and live a more self-sufficient life style.

Introduction to Green Building
This class looks at issues and goals in the green building field, including energy efficiency, “LEED”, “Build Green” and “Energy Star” programs, the HERS Energy Rating System, tax incentives and more.

Energy Efficient Remodeling
We explore strategies for energy efficient remodeling and how to get the most “bang for your buck”. We look at the key components of building systems, new technology, and materials.
Solar Electric and Photo-Voltaics (PV)
This class offers an in-depth review of the fast-growing Solar Electric or Photo-Voltaic (PV) field and how you can let the sun generate electricity cleaning and affordably at your home or commercial building.
Elements of Great Design
This class explores the fundamental elements of good design and illustrates numerous design concepts that should be incorporated into any new construction project for functionality and beauty.
Alternative Building Materials
Learn the pros and cons of different building methods and materials used for wall systems, and learn how they relate to green building and energy efficiency, focusing on five “alternative” building systems.

Water Harvesting and Recycling
This class reviews strategies, solutions and systems for harvesting the water that falls on your property and re-using water used by your household, including active and passive systems, storage and distribution.
Passive Solar Principles
Learn how to use the free and plentiful power of the sun to heat your house! This class reviews principles of solar gain, how to design for optimal heating and cooling, and how to avoid common mistakes.
Introduction to Renewable Energy
This class offers an introduction to several Renewable Energy systems for heating or generating electricity, including Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, “Small Wind”, Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps and Passive Solar.
Solar Thermal and Hydronic Heating
This class looks at Solar Thermal or “Hydronics” systems that use the free power of the sun to provide heat for your domestic hot water and space heating needs, which are up to 70% of your energy costs.
A Guide To Successful Building
Learn the systems, processes, details and strategies you need to help you stay within your project budget, manage your home building project effectively, and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.